Lies of Men 2020-08-05T14:41:22-05:00

A murdered source. A board room power play. Reporting this story may prove fatal.

Investigative reporter Andrea Kellner is under fire. After she inherits a media company from her husband, a hostile board member hires an efficiency consultant to force her out. Turning a blind eye to the power struggle, she throws herself into her next story only to find her key source dying in her home with an X slashed across her mouth.

While even Andrea thinks the victim’s corrupt ex-husband is the likely culprit, a second murder with a similar M.O. hints at a much larger scheme.

Two strong, successful women are dead, their only connections are a divorce attorney and ex-husbands with an ugly past.

Can Andrea expose the murderer before the killer takes another victim?

Lies of Men is the third thrilling novel in the Andrea Kellner mystery series. If you like complex plots and smart, ballsy, crime-solving women, you’ll love Dana Killion’s page-turning series.

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